Growth & Evolution


30 years of experience at your disposal

Samidel Confeções LDA is a clothing company specialized in the production of clothes to man and women. The company already has 30 years of experience in this sector and produces for high quality international brands. Samidel has a large production capacity, managing to with any type of raw material, such as twill and linen, for example, placing a special focus on social and ecological responsibility through the whole process.

Maximum quality production customer satisfaction guaranteed

  • Good flow of information
  • Support in the development of customer prototypes, in order to obtain the best results at competitive costs
  • Quality development
  • Greater flexibility
  • Experience and know-how
  • High production flexibility
  • High tech
  • Ecological and social responsibility
  • Trusted partners


Samidel’s mission is to dedicate itself to the production of garments, essentially made of natural fiber fabrics, in a responsible and committed manner, before its customers, employees and other interested parties, based on quality, product development, innovation and sustainability.


Samidel’s vision is geared towards strengthening its position in the international market as a manufacturer of clothing in fabrics, especially organic and technical, through a strong investment in product development, innovation and market segmentation, as well as in updating technical and human skills to the satisfaction of its customers and other interested parties.


Samidel bases its operation on values such as Financial sustainability and autonomy, reflecting of its business success; Change as the engine of development and innovation: Integrity that supports its transactions; Determination to maintain commitments to its customers and other business partners; Balance in the humanization of work; Leadership that leads to social responsibility.